#100poeticanswers 97: But Why Do We Need One Of Them To Run The Country?

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June 20, 2017 by Sez

Belatedly, a political question asked by a five year old during the U.K. General Election leaders’ debates.

And yes, I suppose I mean anarchism. But anarchy sounded better. Sod your rules.

There’s an idea called anarchy

That says that we’d

Be better without leaders.

Because responsibility

For doing right

Would fall on each of us.

And with no leaders there would be 

No followers. 

Nobody taking orders.

So we would just be kind, you see.


No countries, and no borders.

I like the thought of anarchy

But I don’t trust

Some people that I’ve met 

Not to choose to bully me

Without some laws

To stop them. Well not yet.

So do we need a hierarchy?

Someone in charge?

If so, who should we choose?

Theresa, or else Jeremy?

Or nobody?

What have we got to lose?


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