#100poeticanswers 88: How Do Mermaids Get Home From Parties?

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June 13, 2017 by Sez

An absolutely beautiful and important question from Tulsi.


After the mermaid disco

When the moon shines on the waves

The tired and laughing mermaids

Pour out of the disco caves


They’ve been dancing to the music

That through the water thrums

With a big blue whale on vocals

And an octopus on drums


They’ve been drinking seaweed cocktails

And fine kelp wine and such

And they’re swimming’s kind of wonky

Cause they’ve had a bit too much.


Their ropes of pearls are tangled

And one has lost her comb.

Another her seashell bangles

And they all want to get back home.


So they all swim down together

Make sure everyone’s OK

And a fleet of dolphin taxis

Soon carry them away.


After the mermaid disco

They need to rest their heads

So the dolphins help the mermaids

To get back home to bed.


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