#100poeticanswers 87: Why Are You So Fat, Grandma?

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June 13, 2017 by Sez

Excuse the days of silence and sudden influx of poems. Time management isn’t my strong suit.

My friend Daisy got this gem of childish tact fired at her. I decided to abandon my first instinct (that the answer should be along the lines of “from eating little boys”) and go for body positivity!


I got so fat

from eating sweets 

And lots of other

Lovely treats


I got so fat

Because I’m old

My body won’t

Do what it’s told.


I got so fat

Because I’ve found

My body’s happier

When round


But being fat

Or being thin

Or in between

Is not a sin.


The only thing

That isn’t cool

With body shapes

Is being cruel


So love your body,

And be kind

To other people:

Then you’ll find


That really it

Should never matter

Who is thin,

And who is fatter.



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