#100poeticanswers 86: Can You Do A Wheelie?

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June 13, 2017 by Sez

A kid asked my sister this. I can guarantee this wasn’t her answer, nor would it be mine, but it’s what came out of my fingers. It’s one of saddest poems I’ve written in this project.

I’m a sensible cyclist
Commuting to work, see,

I can’t do a Wheelie

That would be too quirky

I keep to the bike lanes

Avoid muddy puddles

I must keep my suit clean

And stay out of trouble

My bottle of water’s

Attached to my frame

And my route to the office

Is always the same.

And if sometimes I dream

Of a previous time

Of wheelies and croggies

That isn’t a crime.

But my boss has a car:

He’s not going to promote me

If my bike is covered

With bright spokie-dokies

A sensible cyclist,

My childhood is done:

I can’t do a wheelie,

I can’t ride for fun.


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