#100poeticanswers 83: Who Made Up How To Spell Words?

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June 5, 2017 by Sez

A question asked of Jen, a teaching assistant friend. Teaching assistants are awesome.

Also, my autocorrect now hates me.
Probly Dokter Jonsen

Iz famusest ov orl

Hee roat a dicshunerry

An tryed too maek teh corl 

Shood hicup bee spellt “hiccup”

Aw shud itt bee “hiccough”?

Sum spelings doo nott maek mutch sence 

Butt docter J sed “tuff”.

Itts gud too hav gud speling

Becos itt hellps yu cee 

Wot peeple meen wen riting 

Iz itt pea or pee or P?

Butt thoe itt iz emportent,

Ay reely mussed convay:

Itt izzunt hou yu spel thatt cownts

Az mutch az wot yuo sey.


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