#100poeticanswers 70: Is It Called Sand Because It’s Between The Sea And The Land?

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May 22, 2017 by Sez

Sand is between the sea and the land. 

Strouse is between a house and the street.

 Spearth is the part between the space and the earth. 

Kneets are the things between knees and your feet. 

I was adding some compost and sand to the earth In my strouse. 

(I was planting potatoes and beets) 

When a pebble came flying at speed through the spearth 

And it hit me quite hard. Left a bruise on my kneets.

Floof is between the floor and the roof. 

Schoad is between the road and the school.

 Trie is between a lie and the truth

 And somebody fise is not wise nor a fool. 

I like being home reading books in my floof 

Or waiting for school on the schoad. You ask why? 

 Because I learn words that help tell you the truth 

And you’re pretty fise if you think I would trie. 


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