#100PeoplePoems 62: If You Catch HIV Do You Die Straight Away?

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May 14, 2017 by Sez

Another question from my sex education days, from a very earnest 11 year old. The things people think are true, or not true, about HIV never cease to amaze me. This one was one of the more sensible questions I’ve had.

If when you got a cold, you died

You’d never sneeze and pass it on.

For once a virus gets inside,

You can’t transmit it if you’ve gone

And HIV is really smart

It doesn’t want its host to know

It’s there. It wouldn’t stop your heart

For then wherever would it go?

The virus needs you seeming fit

And never knowing that it’s there

It wants to be passed on and it’s

More likely if you’re unaware

You could be ill. But, if you are

It’s best to find out: face your fears.

The treatments now have come so far

They’ll keep you well for years and years 

Nobody, now, should die of this

But people do not want to know.

They think that ignorance is bliss

But it is deadly, though it’s slow.


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