#100poeticanswers 56: Why Are Daddy Long Legses Called Daddy Long Legses? What If They’re A Girl?

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May 8, 2017 by Sez

My name is Mummy Long Legs

You’ve never heard of me

But I don’t sit at home,

Making the larvae eat their tea

There’s also Auntie Long Legs

You’ve seen her, round about,

And when you call her “Daddy”

She really gets put out.

There’s old Grandmother Long Legs 

And Uncle Long Legs too,

And Little Baby Long Legs

(Though she is pretty new,)

And yes, there’s Daddy Long Legs:

He always takes the credit

(If you ask me, those

Etymology books need an edit.)

Cos I am Mummy Long Legs:

And I am here, you see

When you see me, then don’t assume

I’m Daddy: I am ME!


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