#100poeticanswers 53: What Would The World Be Like If We Just Had Thirty Things?

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May 5, 2017 by Sez

This hypothetical theory about a society of minimalism from Isabella sparked both hope for utopia and fear of dystopia in me.

We need clothes, we need food, we need drink, we need shelter

We need gadgets and tools, we need things that hold water

And music, and games; we need toys, we need art, 

We need blankets and pillows and beds for a start.

Only thirty things each? We would just have to share

And I hope that we’d work out a way that was fair

If I cook with your pans, you can eat off my plates

We can share what we’re eating, so dinner’s at eight!

Perhaps it would make us more thoughtful and kind

And considerate. And maybe force us to find

Common ground with our neighbours and all work together

We’d have to solve problems. We’d have to be clever.

I’m worried though: what if we’re not quite so caring?

Withholding our things from each other. Not sharing…

I hope that we’d cooperate, but wonder how

We’d be generous with thirty things: look at us now!


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