#NaPoWriMo 23 / #100poeticanswers 41: Why Does Mint Taste Cold?

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April 23, 2017 by Sez

A very sensible question, overheard by a friend. Such sensible questions deserve limericks.

Some foods can play tricks on your tongue

More especially so when you’re young

They can feel cold or hot

Although really they’re not

And your tastebuds can feel a bit stung

Things like chilli and curry seem hot

While things that are minty do not

Their chemical make up

Will make your mouth wake up

And some people like it a lot

Most people agree it feels nice

To be eating room temperature ice

It takes more time to learn

To enjoy foods that burn

Take it slowly, would be my advice.

It’s important, so don’t forget, please

When each breath feels like Icelandic breeze

It’s a physio-mental

Illusion. It’s menthol

That causes your tastebuds to freeze.


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