#NaPoWriMo 9 / #100poeticanswers 27 Why Is There Only One Lightbulb In Here? Doesn’t It Have A Friend?

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April 9, 2017 by Sez

Ben asked this question when he noticed that there was only one light in his parents’ bedroom. Voila, a lonely lightbulb’s lament.

I came here in a cardboard box

With five more just like me

We couldn’t wait to get to work

And help the people see

They put us on a table

And we looked up at the ceiling

And saw where three of us would live

It was a thrilling feeling.

The person who had brought us home

She climbed up on a chair

Took three of us, but left three back.

It felt a bit unfair.

“Don’t worry” said my neighbours

“For the lights here go in threes

We three will stay together 

And be happy, just like these!”

We saw the first three shining

As she carried us away

But when we saw the next room

It filled us with dismay 

The light fitting was double here

Not three, but only two

So one of us would stay behind 

And nothing could we do.

Yes, it was me who wasn’t picked 

My neighbours said goodbye

I watched them as she screwed them in

And tried hard not to cry.

At last she took me up the stairs

What waited at the end?

Perhaps another lightbulb

Who would need me as a friend!

But no, she brought me to this room

Which almost made me groan!

It only had one fitting

So I’d be here all alone!

And if that wasn’t bad enough 

It’s where they sleep at night

So when there’s people in here

They don’t often want my light.

I wish I were a kitchen light

Or living room… Instead

I am the lonely lightbulb

And I live above the bed.


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