#NaPoWriMo 3/ #100poeticanswers 21 Is Uncle David A Pirate?

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April 3, 2017 by Sez

Today’s question was asked by my small neighbour Isla, who wondered about her uncle’s past when she saw a picture of him in a suspiciously piratical hat. (It was his graduation photo.)

Still, one doesn’t like to disappoint…

Now gather around and I’ll tell ye a tale

Of the deadliest pirate to ever set sail

Who once loved the tang of a nautical breeze?

Yer own Uncle David, the scourge of the seas

Oh ye’d not think it now when you see him, so mild

When he’s on his allotment, as meek as a child

With his corduroy trousers and sensible shoes

But when he went to sea, he was really bad news.

Back in those days of course, he was called Deadly Dave

He was dreaded and daring and brainy and brave

And his ship was a beauty, the Flyaway Fox

And his dastardly crew didn’t even wear socks!

Oh the gold that he stole, and the rum that he smuggled!

To catch him alive the authorities struggled

At last he was cornered, near old Whitby Bay

But before they could shoot him, he scarpered away.

Well he knew that he couldn’t go back to the sea

And he wept, for a pirate no more he would be

So he threw out his cutlass, and hung up his hat

Got a sensible job and moved into a flat.

We don’t talk of it now, for it just makes him sad

Oh the glorious days when he used to be bad!

But sometimes when the wind blows from over the sea

He remembers the time he was reckless and free.


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