#NaPoWriMo begins! #100poeticanswers 19: Where Is A Mermaid’s Bumhole?

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April 1, 2017 by Sez

Well it’s the first of April and as always I am participating in National Poetry Writing Month by default.

As it’s the first day of #napowrimo I thought I’d set the tone high, with this cryptobiological query from Poppy.

Where d’you find a mermaid’s bumhole?

Well I really couldn’t say

I have never met a mermaid

(Not to talk to in that way)

But I know a mermaid’s body

Isn’t like mine. I confess

That I cannot be quite certain:

I suppose I’d have to guess…

Every other scaly creature

Has a thing called a cloaca

On their scaly underbelly

And, I swear I’m not a faker:

It’s a hole that things come out of

Things like poo but also wee 

If the animal’s a female

That’s where eggs come out, you see

But I’ve never met a mermaid

If I did, I’d not feel right

Asking her about her bumhole:

It just wouldn’t be polite 

And if you should meet a mermaid

And a mermaid talks to you

She will have much better manners

Than to ask you how you poo.


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