#100poeticanswers 17: Do Uteruses Have TVs In Them?

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March 30, 2017 by Sez

…or do I mean uteri? 

Anyway, uteruses is what Ava Rose asked about, evidently concerned about the light entertainment options of the unborn.

I am putting out another request for more questions. Please let me know on social media (twitter @wordgeeksez) or on the comments here if you have a question from a kid you know, that I could potentially answer in a poem. I like to know the kid’s first name, and I would prefer  it if the kid was asked permission for me to use their question.

When you were very tiny

And lived inside your mama

You didn’t watch TV at all

No news, cartoons or drama.

Inside your mama’s uterus

There wasn’t really space:

Not even for a flatscreen

When you were in that place.

Besides, your eyes were tightly closed

In there: you couldn’t see.

So there’d have been no point in us

Installing a TV.

But what you did was listen;

At first to mama’s heart

But then to lots of voices, 

Music: classical and chart.

You didn’t watch TV in there:

Perhaps that’s not the worst:

The television’s lots of fun,

But radio came first.


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