#100poeticanswers 14: Why Don’t My Eyes Fall Out?

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March 27, 2017 by Sez

Another late night concern raised by Indy of “can dragons be nice?” fame. This time an important physiological risk assessment. 

Your eyes, by cords, are fastened to your brain:

They pass the messages of what you see

So you can understand it and explain

The world, and what you think of it to me.

Also your eyes are right inside your skull

They’re bigger than they look. Like ping pong balls

Your eyelids help to hold them in as well

I promise you no eyeball ever falls.

So do not keep them shut, no need for dread:

Whether they’re hazel, green, blue, grey or brown 

Your eyes are held quite safely in your head…

But if you don’t believe me, DON’T LOOK DOWN!


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