#100poeticanswers 9: Does The Tooth Fairy Believe In God?

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March 22, 2017 by Sez

This question comes from a Brownie pack to whom my friend Cath, a folklorist, gave a talk about fairies. The kids had a lot of questions about the nature and reality of the tooth fairy in particular, but this one was my favourite. 

She doesn’t often think of god, but sometimes,

After a long night of climbing into windows,

And feeling gently under sleeping heads

To take the tooth from underneath the pillow

And leave a coin, 

After she’s written back five thousand times

To letters asking if she’s really real

And sprinkled fairy dust on all the beds

And shinned down drainpipes to be home by dawn

The heavy bag of teeth over her shoulder…

She sometimes thinks that, if there is a god,

It might be nice if he, or she, or it

Would work a little harder for belief.


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