#100poeticanswers 8: Why Don’t Babies Come With Their Own Names?

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March 21, 2017 by Sez

A question from Omphileneo which inspired an uncharacteristically spiritual poem from me, which possibly owes something to T.S. Eliot’s The Naming Of Cats.

Maybe we’re born

With a name of our own

With a name we forget

When we learn about words

And the things that we knew

Back before we had words 

Seem to falter and fade and to go,

And how would we know?

And the out-aloud name

The name that we get when we’re born,

It replaces the name 

(The original name)

That we knew.

Long ago, long ago,

And it’s gone and forgotten and lost

Because how would we know?

But the name

(Our original name)

Well, it isn’t a word.

Isn’t something we write.

Isn’t something we say.

It is just who we are

Deep inside.

It’s the name of our soul.

And somebody will know 

Your original name

And they’ll call you 

Without even knowing.

And you, even you 

Will call, one day, the still, secret name

Of another one’s soul

Oh yes, you will call somebody too.

Because, somehow, you’ll know.

And although we forget

Our original names

Just as soon as our new names

Are given to us,

Yes, although that is so…

When we’re called by them,

Then we remember

And that’s how we know.


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