#100poeticanswers 5: Why Does Nobody Care About Birds?

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March 18, 2017 by Sez

A sad question today, from Max, who was upset by seeing a pigeon nearly getting hit by a car.

The world can seem like quite a dangerous place

Especially for birds. They are so small

And it might seem like no one cares at all

But somebody cares.

The violent rushing of the human race

Where birds get crushed and trampled every week

Or soaked in oil, will no one dare to speak?

But somebody dares.

It’s difficult at times for us to face

The harm we do to others, and to try

To make things better. Even asking “why”’s

A difficult task.

Bad things will happen still, but let’s embrace

Each opportunity to help, to do.

To say that “no one cares” must be untrue:

For somebody asked.


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