#100poeticanswers 2: Do Bears Wear Shoes?

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March 15, 2017 by Sez

Continuing my series of poems answering questions asked by children.

I’m happy to take questions that people who are currently adults asked as children, although corroboration from a parent is appreciated.

In this case, the question was relayed to me by Shonaleigh, but was actually asked well over a decade ago by her son, Izz. I am glad to lay this long-standing mystery to rest.

All bears go barefoot in the woods.

If you had bear feet, you would too:

With fur, and soles as tough as boots,

And big sharp claws, who needs a shoe?

Your feet are soft; you have no claws

So socks and shoes you’d better wear

Do not go barefoot out of doors

(Unless, of course, you are a bear.)


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