#100peoplepoems part 99: Mzee

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July 21, 2016 by Sez

The dragging of the dead name

Through any muck that stuck in life

To the dead man’s dancing shoes

Is part of the ritual now.

Trayvon Martin smoked weed

Mike Brown jay walked

Tamir Rice looked older than he was.

Than he’d ever be.

And now, Mzee
The police said he was violent

Had a knife.

They brought up the ASBO he’d tried to move on from 

But  I believe the story his mum told

Of a gentle giant

A big brother-bear

And  my question remains;

Why couldn’t Mzee be a naughty boy sometimes?

Up to no good,

Pushing boundaries 

Like any teenage boy would ?

Trying his best in a tough life

Why couldn’t he make some mistakes?

Why do we do this again and again?

Why does a young black boy have to be an angel

Just to justify our pain?

And what could any “naughty boy” 

Any rebel teen

Any mixed up kid

possibly do

To deserve death 

At the hands of the law?

And why do we keep on pretending
The system is sane?


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