#100peoplepoems part 88: Hans

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June 8, 2016 by Sez

Thanks a bunch, Hans.

When you noticed some boys who seemed not to make friends
The clumsy, the awkward, the oddly intense,

You saw how they seemed to have trouble with dealing

With what other people around them were feeling 

You noted it down, as they’d ramble for hours

About aeroplanes, numbers or names of rare flowers.

And this little group, which you thought was all male

In all social settings you’ve set up to fail.

This condition should never be thought of with shame

But you didn’t help much when you gave it your name.

Because when you’re at school and you do not fit in

And you can’t stand the smells and the lights and the din

And the things that you say get you bullied and mocked 

It doesn’t help much (and I know you’ll shocked)

When you tell your tormentors”I’m only this way

Cause I’ve got a condition, a gift you might say”

And when they stop punching and ask what the word is,

You say “Well you see, what I’ve got is



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