#100peoplepoems part 83, Brock

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June 6, 2016 by Sez

OK, all of the trigger warnings and content notes for this.

This man raped a woman and was convicted let off with a few weeks jail time because of his “promising swimming career”. Utterly disgraceful. I’ve got some feelings about the judge who made that decision as well, but for today my flu addled brain has apparently decided that I do curses now.


Since you have escaped legal justiceSince your swimming career and your prospects 

Outweigh the pain you caused

The harm you did
I only wish one punishment on you

That when you wake in the night

(The same way she’ll wake in the night)

You’ll understand. I wish you empathy.

I wish you her panic attacks

Her loneliness.

I wish you every feeling of despair

I hope, somehow, she’s spared.

But, if that cannot be,

Then I charge the water you swim in to pull you down 

And I charge the chlorine in the water you swim in to burn your eyes, your skin.

I charge the tiles and the ladder in the swimming pool to bruise you, to cut you open.

I charge every other swimmer, every coach, every spectator

To see the man you are: the clean cut college boy.

Who is a rapist.

I want them to whisper it, shout it, scream it in your face.

Warn their enemies about you, protect their friends.

Cry your name in the echoing halls.

Because if you cannot be made to understand the harm you did.

If you can’t feel her pain

And you cannot be punished by the law

I want you to feel at least whatever pain the world can give you. 

I wish for this for you.


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