#100peoplepoems part 82: Anamoli 

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June 4, 2016 by Sez

Some people have tough lives, and let you know it

They won’t let you forget: their struggle’s real.

And others suffer, but they never show it;

You’d never guess how terrible they feel.

Exhausted, broke, and seriously bruised

Arrested, and the way back home too long

Next morning, you were angry and confused:

No one would tell you what you had done wrong.

But while I cursed the negligence of staff

Who’d left you, triggered, ill and off your head,

All you could do was laugh and laugh and laugh

“I nicked a fucking PINEAPPLE? I’m dead!”

Some moan, some never let you know they’re broken.

And some can walk through hell and come out joking.


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