#100peoplepoems part 81: a friend


June 2, 2016 by Sez

This is for a friend going through a rough time. As we who fight the brainweasels tend to flock together, this might apply to a few people who read this. I love you all.

CN: re depression/suicidal feeling


I do not want to spread the world before you 

Urge you to see its beauty

Taste its kindness

When your soul is too sick, just now,

To digest such richness

So that the beauty curdles in your eye

And the kindness surges, sour, when swallowed.

If you were sick to your stomach 

I would not force a banquet down your throat

To remind you of the wonderful flavour of food.

I will not cite your kindness, or your wit,

My admiration for you

As evidence that you must stay alive

To keep on being wise and kind for me.

If your pain was in your throat

I would not demand that you kept on singing 

As if the pleasure your pain could provide me

Were worth a price that only you pay.

I won’t try to make you feel guilty

For wanting to escape the pain. 

As though feeling bad about yourself 

Were the cure

For feeling bad about yourself. 

You don’t treat third degree burns

With scalding water.

But if you can manage a sip

Of the love that we all have for you.

The cup is waiting.


One thought on “#100peoplepoems part 81: a friend

  1. Richard Wood says:

    Oh this is SO moving. Thank you

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