#100peoplepoems part 75: Naveed

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May 29, 2016 by Sez

It’s circle time

The class share stories from the weekend.

I haven’t visited this school in months

But on this Friday morning

The Other Miss is ill,

So they’ve got me to help.

The highlight for Leona was Kentucky:

Her Friday treat that means the week went well:

No chairs were thrown, no swear words screamed at teachers.

Janette can’t tell us much and so her mum

Has written for her in her home to school book

That she enjoyed a massage, went to yoga and missed her friends at school.

She laughs agreement.

Piotr grinds his teeth and looks away, but mutters “Mario” under his breath.

Natasha grins and gestures to

A brand new T Shirt: System Of A Down.

Jaleel is next he grins, and clears his throat.

“We went to see my brother

Me and mum.

You won’t believe what happened

We got locked in!

We had to call the cemetery man.

He came and let us out.”

It’s only then I see the empty space

That was filled by Naveed three months ago.

The class have carried on. 

But every circle time, I learn,

Jaleel includes his brother in his story

And so he is remembered.


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