#100peoplepoems part 65: Sinead

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May 17, 2016 by Sez

Some days, disappearance is a seductive notion.
Sometimes you just want to walk away 

From the masses
The mess 

And the meddling.

A bike would be faster, and so you start pedaling.

Reveling in the transient freedom of

“Nobody knows where I am”

And you want to keep going 

But you can’t stop thinking

That the freedom of nobody knowing

Is just for a while

Unless you take that one step

That one extra mile

The one where you never come back.

But there are still people you’re willing to sing to

And there are still days that aren’t hell,

And there are still one or two threads you can cling to.

So you follow them back to the life that you’re aching to leave

And you try to believe it

When they say you’ve “been found safe and well”.


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