#100peoplepoems 44: Jeremy 

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April 26, 2016 by Sez

In solidarity with the Junior Doctors’ Strike

We’ll look back on today

In the decades to come

When we see what our health

Services have become.

And perhaps we’ll say “can
You remember the time

When our government really 

Committed such crimes

Against healthcare providers?” 

We’ll sigh, shake our heads
“And remember the way 

That they fought back instead?

And they saved our health service

For never again

Would the people stand by 

and just watch it be drained”

When the junior doctors stood up and said no

Well, we knew then that Jeremy Hunt had to go.

Or perhaps we will sadly think back to this day

“Remember how frightened we were?” We will say?

“Remember when doctors on call day and night

No matter your income, seemed normal and right?

So that when they stopped playing the government’s game

Went on strike for their rights,

 well, we gave THEM the blame?

And the National Health Service
With none to defend it

Was so weak that the Tories were able to end it?

If we’d only supported them, what might have been?

Just think what we lost, back in twenty sixteen.”


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