#100peoplepoems part 39: Victoria

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April 21, 2016 by Sez

I am utterly heartbroken by Victoria Wood’s death.  

The shop is closed today.

Babs stares out of the window,

Damp-eyed. Berta is sobbing 

On Mrs O’s shoulder

And even she can’t imagine

What God can possibly mean by it.

Outside the canteen,

Phillipa picks at a dangling thread on her blouse.

Twinkle’s lip trembles, Dolly slams the pots into the sink

And Tony can’t look anyone in the face.

At the bus stop, Kelly-Marie and her friend stand silently 

And in the pub, Tracy Clegg

Has barely touched her rum and ribena 

But Nicola Battersby’s downing

Gin after gin after gin.

In her maisonette

Kitty is putting a on brave face 

For the boys from flat five

But her voice is a little too fast

Her smile too tight.

Barry and Freda are holding each other

Under the covers.

Connie and Renie make endless cups of tea; nobody drinks them.

Daft Nellie still looks for her friend.

But Mrs Pugh and Martin Jones

And Pauline and Irene and Vera 

Are living and living and living.


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