#100peoplepoems part 24: Mrs Bryant


April 6, 2016 by Sez

She was my year 2 teacher and this is the only thing I remember about her other than that she didn’t like us to write our names on the front of our paintings. I can remember her shouting “THIS ISN’T A PICTURE OF “ANDREW”, IS IT?” at some poor kid who signed his painting of a Viking long ship a bit too ostentatiously.


Miss, wants upon a time

I asked you how to spell

A word.

You tried to help me but

It seemed to me you had


I knew at wants the word 

You’d spelled was not the one 

I’d said

But you were scary so

I wrote it in my book


But when you saw my book

You laughed and marked me down 

As wrong.

Nobody once to fail

Or feel as if they don’t 


I knew it wasn’t right 

I wish I’d asked again 

But now

I know that once is once

And wants is wants – so take

A bow.


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