#100peoplepoems part seventeen: Seedy

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March 30, 2016 by Sez

Seedy was anything but. The nickname referred to his surname, not his character. He was my only ever boyfriend and I hope he’s doing well.


My extruder operator:

Sweet and kind and soft and shy

I came out not that much later

You would be my only guy.

I was dreamy and cackhanded

You were deft, and loved the facts

In each other’s arms we landed

Proving opposites attract.

You liked beer and weed and playing

Tomb Raider, Descent and Doom

Rarely going out, just staying

In your mother’s living room.

Still, you came with me to Europe.

Right out of your comfort zone:

Foreign food and art and music

(But, in Holland, you got stoned)

German left you quite defeated

Though I picked up with ease

“Ein Bier bitte!” Much repeated 

Came out “Eine bitter please!”

My extruder operator

Shy and soft and kind and sweet.

Eighteen month collaborator

Nicest guy you’d hope to meet.


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