#100peoplepoems part 14: Queenie 

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March 27, 2016 by Sez

About 14 years ago I worked in a nursing home. I loved the residents. It was like having 30 grandparents.  I even dream about them sometimes. This is Annie, who was also known as Queenie, and was utterly indomitable until her dying day.


I’ve still got the best legs in Kersal

I won’t wear no flowery frock

In my red mini skirt

I will giggle and flirt

Though the fellas here can’t take the shock.

That Sophie who sits on the sofa

And thinks that she’s better than me

With her nose in the air,

Well I don’t like to swear

But she’s something beginning with B. 

And Mabel who eats at my table

Used to be a headmistress, you know.

She’s pretty good craic

But she gets on my back

Cause my grammar is only so-so.

Old Max is a pain in the backside.

He thinks he’s the gaffer round here.

Gives the nurses such stick!

– Well he always was thick

And a little too fond of his beer.

I like Graham who works in the games room,

Calling bingo and teaching us crafts.

He’s the type that you’d find

On a Christmas tree, mind,

Yes, a fairy. You see, I’m not daft!

But I’ve still got the best legs in Kersal:

You can’t say I look ninety three.

Keep your shampoo and set:

I’m too young for that yet!

Who’s the belle of the home? Yes it’s me!


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