#100peoplepoems part ten: Kellian Dawn

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March 23, 2016 by Sez

It’s a bit of a cheat this one…

The morning was cold and the playground was grey

I stood there alone on my very first day.

When I first was the target of withering scorn

From the scourge of the infant school: Kellian Dawn.

She called me a tomboy and pulled off my hat

Said my bum matched my face and my tummy was fat

I started to wish I had never been born

As I quaked at the mercy of Kellian Dawn

But the next day she hugged me and let me play too 

We were hairdressers, nurses, then went to the zoo

By the end of First Playtime my fealty was sworn

To my friend and my role model Kellian Dawn

When at Afternoon Playtime I ran to her side

She pinched me and pulled on my curls till I cried 

And I ran away sobbing, confused and forlorn 

At the fickle affections of Kellian Dawn

When you start going to school education begins

By day three, I’d discovered identical twins.

But I never did find any way to forewarn

Who was nice, who was mean out of Kelly and Dawn.


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