#100peoplepoems part nine: Nadiya

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March 22, 2016 by Sez

This is a poem about Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain. 

You’re so unremittingly nice.

As sweet as a clementine cod

Dispensing your baking advice

And loving Islam and your God.

You’re so unremittingly nice

You never get grumpy or crabby

Positivity shines from your eyes

You’re the BBC’s favourite hijabi.

But I wonder how much of it’s real:

If you’re doing this under advice

How much external pressure you feel

To be so unremittingly nice.

 It’s not that your smile is a guise

That you’re sinister, evil or scary

Being so unremittingly nice

Just to charm Mel and Sue, Paul and Mary

It’s the toxic and poisonous lies 

About Muslims that come from the press

Being so unremittingly nice 

 Ms Hussain, does it ever cause stress?

I just wish that sometimes you could take,

Though you’re clever, you’re kind and you’re wise,

A well deserved, bad tempered break

From being so unremittingly nice.


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