10,000 Words Part 96: Praying

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July 2, 2014 by Sez

OK, so my 10,000 words in 100 days plan has gone badly awry but I’m back on it now!

My holy father tells me that I’m sinful.

I wish I’d never mentioned it now; the strange, spiralling thrill that climbs through my body at a man’s touch…

The way lads look at me, and I at them; how easy, oh how easy it would be to touch, to kiss…

I hear his breathing rasp behind the grille, but all he says is “Pray, and beg forgiveness.”

I do not tell him all.

I’m not a simpleton. I know what goodwives do to bring forth babies.

Perhaps I’ll have a marriage in this church and, consecrated, sin myself to heaven.


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