10,000 Words Part 92: Options

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June 14, 2014 by Sez

She gazed wistfully/longingly/unnervingly into his stormy/flinty eyes.
His jaw/buttocks/abdomen clenched with familiar irritation/ennui/passion. Her breath/voice/gum caught in her throat as she whispered/cursed/panted his name.
He must have/know/forget her! “I love/want/recognize you.” He muttered, his voice thick with emotion/phlegm/disgust.
“Please be gentle/quick/serious!” She breathed, nibbling at her lip/nails/sandwich. He could hold himself back no more, primal
urges stirring in his heart/soul/trousers. He clutched at her feminine form optimistically/manfully/wildly. She fell/surrendered/laughed into his strong embrace…


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