10,000 Words Part 21: List


April 3, 2014 by Sez

They said he should make a bucket list. There was no doubt. Everyone hoped the doctors were wrong, but they weren’t. It was time to quit his job and follow as many dreams as he could.
Everyone had suggestions. He should swim with dolphins. He could visit Fiji. What about abseiling? Why not try BDSM?
All his life he’d ticked off things on lists. Grades, qualifications and, latterly, sales targets. It seemed unfair that his last days should be spent doggedly achieving.
He had six months.
He had never had six months in his life.
He decided to waste them.


One thought on “10,000 Words Part 21: List

  1. geezergirl1 says:

    Really like that poem. And it made perfect sense. thanks.

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