10,000 Words Part 17: Piñata

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March 30, 2014 by Sez

Thanks to Helen Blejerman for explaining the symbolism of traditional star-shaped piñatas to me.

“Boys and girls, I’ve brought a souvenir from our sister church in Tijuana!” smiled the still-tanned priest.
He brought out a gaudy polyhedron.
“This is a PieNyahTah” he enunciated. “The seven points represent the deadly sins. We wear a blindfold, denoting our faith, strike against sin, and receive the rewards of virtue. Who’d like to go first?”

That night, the Father’s BMW 700, (bought with embezzled funds and the site of many mortal transgressions) was set upon with sticks and righteousness. The packages of powder (another souvenir) fell from the wreckage to a cheer.
Virtue sometimes is its own reward.


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