10,000 Words Part 16: Chickens


March 29, 2014 by Sez

Prompted by Chella Quint and also inspired by a story I heard Tim Ralphs tell.

Such a nice man, that “poultry inspector” who had demanded access to the coop, his clipboard hiding a twitching, pointed face.
His questions about when the birds were transferred from run to coop had displayed nothing but concern. His suggestion of a morning a week in the big field “so you can really call them free range” seemed reasonable, and the hens loved it.
Perhaps they’d flapped off independently, but they weren’t that adventurous; you’d expect to find them nearby.
Where could they be?
That nice inspector, short, slight, redhaired, would surely have ideas, if only he could be found.


One thought on “10,000 Words Part 16: Chickens

  1. Tim Ralphs says:

    Whoop! That story was Eritrean, found in DECSY working with Chella, so it’s nicely circular to see it here.

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