10,000 Words Part 11: Outsourcing

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March 24, 2014 by Sez

This was inspired by a prompt from my friend Alicia. Well, kind of. The original prompt has undergone some changes.
As a content note I should mention that today’s offering was also influenced by discussion of the privatization of the prison system and state sanctioned/deniable torture.

It’s less reassurance, more instruction. I feel neither willing nor able to comply.
“It’s normal for clients to feel trepidation about Renditioncorp.”
I’d laugh; my gag prevents it.
“Naturally, the agency that financed your…residency is an important stakeholder, but we at Renditioncorp like to remember that it’s you, our clientele, who experience our service.”
“Before your personalized interrogation, there’s one formality. Can you confirm that you’re unwilling to volunteer information?”
What fucking information? I fail to convey through grunts.
“Super. In one minute, our operatives will join you.” She smiles. “Renditioncorp: a extraordinary experience.”
And I’m alone.


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