The News In Poetry Day 83: Eighteen Excuses

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June 4, 2013 by Sez
The meaning of marriage would waver and change
We’d find it confusing and awkward and strange.
Those who oppose would be under arrest
And women would somehow be further oppressed
They’ll ask for polygamy next, you will find,
And the poor silly darlings don’t know their own minds,
Marriage only exists for a her and a him,
The prime minister’s doing all this on a whim.
We all know that lesbians don’t really do it,
And most of the homos are not that into it.
Some homophobes’ feelings have really been hurt.
And we have to stop now if a backlash we’d skirt.
Some of the phrasing’s a bit convoluted
The monarchy could be, in theory, polluted
Registrars who object may well find themselves sacked
And by doctors this isn’t, in every case, backed
They are separate but equal. Is that not enough?
Some people don’t like it. On them, this is tough.

The Lords think equal marriage is very complex
In fact it’s quite simple: they’re scared of gay sex.


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