The News In Poetry Day 81: At The Awkwardorian Embassy

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June 2, 2013 by Sez

He’s there for good,
Like an awkward guest
Who won’t take the hint.
What can they tell people?
Oh, him? That’s Julian.
He just lives here.
It’s complicated.
He pissed the USA off
Then raped some girls
So we said he could stay here
It seemed a good idea
At the time, heroic,
We liked the stuff he’d done
(Not the rapes, obviously,
But before that)
Now he won’t fucking leave
And nobody wants
To admit that it was
A terrible idea
To say he could sta:
It just seems rude
We don’t want to look stupid
So we’re sticking it out.
Until it blows over.
So…the old storeroom
Has a rapist in it.
It’s best not to go in there
Or take any naps
While you’re visiting.


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