The News In Poetry Day 79: The Mammoth

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May 31, 2013 by Sez

This one is a homage to Flanders & Swann’s animal songs, which I deeply recommend for youtubing with kids.
My favourites are The Gnu, Mopy Dick (its about a whale: calm down) and The Hippopotamus Song.

I’m slowly being defrosted
After ages in the ice
And being thus accosted
Well, I do not think it’s nice

I’ve had my time upon the earth
Your plans have got me groaning
Do not subject me to rebirth:
Abandon thoughts of cloning.

The world I left was icy cool
With snowstorms I was pelted
And now, thanks to some dangerous fool
The poles have nearly melted.

My coat’s warm and luxurious
Please do not think I’m boasting
Your climate makes me furious
It’s absolutely roasting!

What really makes my blood run cold?
What really puts the boot in?
If I come back to life, I’m told,
They’ll make me wrestle Putin!


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