The News In Poetry Day 74: Vaginas: A Guide

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May 26, 2013 by Sez

Late! Sorry.

This vagina is a wallet full of notes.
Flashed about by a dumb kid who’s new in town.

This vagina is a laptop on a train.
Confidential files left unprotected
Tempting innocent men to theft.

This vagina is a possession
Belonging to a boyfriend or a husband
It’s up to her to keep it safe for him.
It’s her fault if his treasure is defiled

This vagina is a mogwai,
Exotic, precious, cute,
And terrifying wet or late at night.

This vagina needs a chaperone,
One careful owner
And a sense of shame.

And one more thing, Nick Ross,
My vagina thinks you are a cunt.


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