The News In Poetry Day 69: Rape Prevention 101

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May 21, 2013 by Sez

(Trigger warning for potential rape scenarios in this poem. )
I’m happy to note that “rape prevention” is starting to focus more on consent, along with the standard victim blamey “safety tips”. However, here’s my contribution, aimed at those who need it most.

If her body looks fine in the dress that she’s wearing
Your dick might get hard, but there’s no need for staring.
The fact that she’s hot gives you no right to touch
Be polite and respectful: that’s not asking much!

If your girlfriend is drunk, or unconscious, tough luck:
That she didn’t say ‘no’ doesn’t mean you can fuck
You can’t threaten or hurt her so that she’ll agree:
If you don’t have consent, you’re a rapist, you see?

If you’ve pulled and you’re all the way down to your pants
With a beautiful lady who’s out for romance
If she changes her mind then you’ll just have to wait:
And yes, that’s even true if you paid for the date!

You will not die of blue-balls, your cock will not shrivel
Don’t fall for that tired old misogynist drivel
If you’d rather have sex with a girl screaming “no”
Than hold back till she’s ready, you’re lower than low.


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