The News in Poetry Day 67: Personal Ad

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May 19, 2013 by Sez

I’m tall dark and handsome and looking for fun
I like cosy nights in and days out in the sun.
And I might as well say, since you’re bound to find out:
My last girlfriend left cause I smacked her about.

I’m a family man, you got kids, well that’s fine,
The court order just says that I can’t go near mine.
But there’s no need to worry, my anger’s controlled
I’m sure you and the wee ones will do as you’re told!

But now future girlfriends can look up my past
When they see what I’m like, I don’t think it’ll last.
They say that forewarned is the best thing to be
For a woman who’s single, but what about ME?

Don’t I have the right to find love once again,
Though the last time I did, I caused terror and pain?
My rights are being trampled, it’s making me stressed!
But nobody cares when it’s me that’s oppressed!


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