The News In Poetry Day 43: Bargain

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April 25, 2013 by Sez

Note for international readers. Primark is a budget clothes outlet. Americans -think Old Navy’s bargain rack. It’s sometimes ironically known as Primani because of its blatant designer knock offs.

Check out my awesome bird print peplum.
Wait till you see my day glo jeans
I’m causing a stir in sparkly sandals
And all of this is within my means!

Only the best from old Primani!
You can’t beat a bit of Recession chic
Amazing how it’s all such good value
Of the reasons why we had best not speak

Watch the collapse of a garment factory
Gasp as the workers scream and die
Sigh when they say the firm cut corners
To keep costs down, but do not ask why.

Check out my awesome clothes from Primark
Dressed to the nines, don’t I look nice?
Think of the folk who lost their loved ones.
Even a bargain has a price.


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