The News In Poetry Day 40: Good Natured Horseplay


April 22, 2013 by Sez

One phrase in this report stood out a mile.

One night me and my mates went out
To have a laugh and mess about
Adventure waits, there is no doubt
With our good natured horseplay

So hide your daughter, warn your son:
Don’t do the crazy things we’ve done
To us of course, it’s just for fun
Good old good natured horseplay

These harmless male bonding dares
Weren’t serious at all: who cares
If we caught someone unawares
With our good natured horseplay?

A birthday party sounds ok
The host disabled, shy and gay…
You’ll guess the sort of things we’d say:
It’s all good natured horseplay.

And so on Steve we paid a call
We covered him in hateful scrawl
It wasn’t bullying at all:
Only good natured horseplay.

Then, doused in oil and set alight
He never got the chance to fight
For us it was another night
Of our good natured horseplay.

Sentenced to three and out in one.
We’ll more than pay for what we’ve done.
We’ll soon be back out having fun:
Good old good natured horseplay!

In memory of Steven Simpson.


One thought on “The News In Poetry Day 40: Good Natured Horseplay

  1. Riot Kitty says:

    I went to the link and saw this story: Festive shop window competition winners

    Had to look up the news story. Just awful. I really like the poems though, you make such a social statement. Have you thought of putting together a book?

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