The News In Poetry Day 13: Woman Wears Clothes

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March 26, 2013 by Sez
I’ve realized that by doing a news based poem every day, I’m basically signed up to 100 days of lefty rants. The stories that inspire me are likely to be close to my heart.
In the interests of variety, though, here’s some news from the Daily Mail

A woman (whose achievements are apparently irrelevant.)
Went off to see a woman who is very very rich.
The woman with the money pinned a special little button
On the other woman’s clothes and now it’s time for us to bitch.

We do not think the woman with the button and the money
Likes seeing clothes that look like those the other woman wore.
We do not think the woman (who did something unimportant)
Is good at wearing clothes and, well, what else are women for?

But the woman with the money seems quite happy in the pictures
And the unimportant woman has a badge on her lapel.
But she will be despised and hated cos she’s uncoordinated…
Course it’s in the public interest: we’ve got newspapers to sell!


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