The News In Poetry Day 3: Brotherhood

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March 16, 2013 by Sez

This makes me so sad. Really, that anyone could value their “right” to beat, rape and control the movements of their fellow humans so much…
I always think of violence against women as something that happens in the heat of the moment, because of deep underlying issues. But no, sometimes it’s held sacred.
My quarrel here is not with Islam. It’s with anyone who defends violence against women.

Oh brothers: hear your sisters.
For they, too are sacred creations.
For like you, they feel Allah’s presence
As close as their jugular vein.
Like you, they pray.
Try each day
To do the right thing.
No law protecting your sisters from harm
Should be a threat to you.
No agreement that rape is always wrong
Should undermine you.
Brother, release your grip upon your sister’s wrist.
She will stand alongside you
Proud of her faith
Not beaten into it.


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