The News In Poetry Day 2: Excuses

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March 15, 2013 by Sez

The same old ‘problems we inherited’ excuse rears its ugly head in this piece about a shortage of primary school places. I think the only thing that could get worse for teachers at the moment would be having that bunch of spoiled brats in their class.

You’ve had a lot of chances

I’ve been extremely kind

And when you took advantage

I pretended not to mind.

But your homework has been shoddy

Your behaviour’s a disgrace

So stop blaming everybody

In an effort to save face.

You’ve blamed your poor attainment

On the boys on table two.

And while they’re far from perfect

The buck must stop with you.

I’ve heard reports of bullying

And money being taken

And If you think I’ll stand for this

You’re very much mistaken

I wish that I could teach you

The error of your ways

And take the time to reach you,

To find something to praise

But with class sizes expanding

And budget cuts to schools

My job is too demanding

To give my time to fools.


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